February 9, 2023

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Where to pre-order Tales of Arise in the UK and US

Tales of Arise is finally releasing in September! We’ve rounded up where you can pre-order the latest of the ‘Tales of’ series, so you don’t have to search for your preferred retailer.

This Bandai Namco RPG has been MIA for a while, but we finally know when the next title in the Tales series is releasing–September 9 in Japan and September 10 for the West. Better yet, Tales of Arise pre-orders are available now, with multiple editions to choose from. Check them all out below!

Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition

If you’re a huge fan of the Tales series, you might want to consider getting the Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition. This edition comes with the game, a steelbook, a physical and digital soundtrack, and an artbook. The real centerpiece, though, is the statue of the game’s protagonist. It looks really great!

The price, however, is a bit steep, with the price of $189.99/£179.99. One thing to note is that the UK version of the Collector’s Edition comes with additional digital content (see below), but the US version does not. It’ll probably be really limited, though, so I wouldn’t hold out for a discount. While the Collector’s Edition is supposed to be a Bandai Namco Store exclusive, GAME has a listing up for £40 more than MSRP. Not sure what’s up with that, but it’s there!

  • $189.99 at Bandai Namco US
  • £179.99 at Bandai Namco UK
  • £219.99 at GAME

Of course, the Collector’s Edition is on the expensive side, so you may just be interested in the standard edition, which is just the game.

Tales of Arise Standard Edition pre-orders (US):

  • Tales of Arise for $59.99 at Amazon US
  • Tales of Arise for $59.99 at Best Buy
  • Tales of Arise for $59.99 at Gamestop
  • Tales of Arise for $59.95 at Namco Bandai US

Tales of Arise Standard Edition pre-orders (UK):

  • Tales of Arise at Amazon UK
  • Tales of Arise for £54.99 at GAME
  • Tales of Arise for £49.99 at Argos

Other editions

There are other versions of Tales of Arise releasing, but the remaining ones are digital versions. The pre-order bonuses above are available no matter which version you get, but there is also the Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate Editions. The Digital Deluxe Edition gives you a Premium Costume Pack and two item packs to help you through the early parts of the game. Digital Ultimate Edition includes the Deluxe content, as well as three more costume packs. It’s a lot of cosmetics!

You can probably also pick up these DLC packs at a later date, but if you like how they look, you might want to consider pre-ordering one of the packs.

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