February 9, 2023

Tor Go Devil

No game no life

Watch Henry Cavill politely explain that Warhammer is not World of Warcraft

Henry Cavill appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently to promote The Witcher season 2. It’s Norton’s job to make celebrities seem grounded and human with a light ribbing, and it’s their job to respond with humor and be impossibly good-looking while he does, which is exactly what happened when Norton brought up one of Cavill’s nerdy hobbies—collecting, painting, and gaming with Warhammer miniatures. Except that what Norton said was, “You paint, is it War… World of Warcraft?”

You can watch the clip above, and you should because it’s charming. Cavill explains that miniature wargaming has two halves to : “There’s the painting/modelling side of the hobby, and then there’s the gaming side of the hobby.” When asked what he does with his miniatures after painting, he replies, “Then you, erm, you put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else’s army. It’s actually—it is fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun.”

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