June 7, 2023

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Ubisoft’s long-delayed new Settlers game will be sharing “some news” in January • Eurogamer.net

Fans can also register “for a chance to play”. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting news of...

Fans can also register “for a chance to play”.

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting news of the next instalment in the nearly three-decade-old Settlers series, your patience will soon be awarded: publisher Ubisoft has announced it’ll be revealing more information on the long-delayed game in January next year.

Ubisoft first revealed it would be revisiting the Settlers’ much-loved city-building and real-time strategy formula in a new series instalment back in 2018. At the time, it told fans to expect the title in autumn the following year but, as that window grew near, the publisher announced a delay, pushing the game’s release into 2020.

2020, however, proved to be another letdown for Settlers fans, with Ubisoft announcing a second delay as the summer arrived. “While we are on the right path to deliver a great game,” it wrote at the time, “we really want to deliver an exceptional gaming experience. Since quality is our main priority, we want to take the time necessary to make it right.”

The newest Settlers as it appears in its 2018 announcement trailer.

Instead of announcing a third launch window for the beleaguered title, Ubisoft simply told fans the game would be postponed “until further notice”. Now, though, it seems the publisher is finally ready to crank its hype handle once more. “The Settlers is back!,” it bellowed in a newly shared tweet. “Tune-in January 2022 for more news”.

There’s not a lot more to report in terms of specifics just yet, but Ubisoft accompanied its tweet with the suggestion fans should sign up on The Settlers website “for a chance to play”. Presumably that means some sort of PC beta event is planned for the not-too-distant future, so hopefully a full release won’t be too far behind.

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