June 9, 2023

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The Best Upcoming PC Game Releases Of July 2021

KEY POINTS “Tribes of Midgard” is a great co-op game for fans of ARPGs and...


  • “Tribes of Midgard” is a great co-op game for fans of ARPGs and survival games
  • “Warhammer 40k: Battlesector” is a new turn-based strategy game based off of the original table-top game
  • “The Ascent” is an isometric cyberpunk RPG that combines “Diablo” with twin-stick shooters

There are tons of great games scheduled to release this year, and July has its fair share of titles that are worth waiting for. Steam’s store catalogue has quite a few games that are almost ready for release, and players who are looking to expand their game libraries will have much to look forward to.

Here’s a short list of some of the most interesting upcoming games on Steam this July for the gamers who want to break away from the mainstream releases and dive deep into lesser-known territory.

“Tribes of Midgard”

Tribes of Midgard” is an interesting combination of the ARPG and survival genres. This is a session-based Viking RPG with plenty of loot to grab and monsters to slay for parties of up to 10 people.

As resurrected Vikings, players must protect a seed of the world tree Yggdrasil from an onslaught of monsters and Jotunns. Explore procedurally-generated worlds, collect materials, craft powerful equipment and fend off hordes of enemies with the power of the Norse gods in either short, three-hour sessions or in an endless survival mode.

“Tribes of Midgard” releases on July 27.

“Warhammer 40k: Battlesector”

As one of the latest video game entries in the “Warhammer 40k” franchise, “Battlesector” will let players control either Tyranid or Space Marine armies in large turn-based battles that are faithful to the overall scale and feel of the original table-top game.

Set in the ravaged world of Baal Secundus, the Blood Angels chapter of Space Marines must push back against the invading Hive Fleet Leviathan to prevent all life on the planet from getting consumed. Players can build armies based on a point system and wage war in solo or multiplayer modes.

“Warhammer 40k: Battlesector” releases on July 22.

“The Ascent”

After years in development, this action shooter RPG is almost ready for its release. “The Ascent” is set in a futuristic cyberpunk world where players must break free from the shackles of corporate slavery. In essence, the game is a looter-shooter that’s heavy on the RPG elements, allowing players to customize their characters in terms of both looks and playstyle.

“The Ascent” looks absolutely stunning graphics-wise, and the overall world design is incredibly immersive. This is definitely a must-have for fans of the cyberpunk RPG genre.

The game releases on July 30.

The Ascent is an action shooter RPG with in-depth character customization, cybernetic abilities and very big guns Photo: Neon Giant

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