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Sony PS5 Multiplayer Upgrade Allows Hosting of Online Gaming Tournaments, Here’s How

Alec G., Tech Times 15 July 2021, 08:07 am (Photo : Getty Images) Sony PS5...

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Sony PS5 players rejoiced as they heard the news of a possibility of hosting online tournaments within the next-gen console.

An official patent from Sony has revealed that they are potentially working on an official online tournament schematic for PS5 console owners. 

The system would be able to allow, not just developers, but players themselves to host online gaming tournaments, complete with brackets and you’d expect to see in online tournaments.

How Will It Work?

Thanks to Gaming Intel, it seems that the online tournament system will be using the PlayStation Network to be able to generate tournament brackets out of the games you’re already playing. 

It means that games that involve multiplayer won’t need to have a dedicated tournament mode. 

This would remove the reliance on outside systems and just allow the use of built-in systems in the PlayStation Network to create one for the game.

The PS5 online tournament system is an ingenious design or “clever,” as TechRadar puts it. Once brackets are set in place and the players are all ready and waiting, the system then will use real-time tracking in-game to keep a count of the wins and losses. 

It also can set the next matches for the tournament accordingly after the results are tallied.

As players get eliminated and the bracket starts to shrink, it automatically changes to the quarter-final, semi-final, and of course, the final brackets. 

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What This Would Mean For Players

It would be a definite boost to player traffic with games that rely on multiplayer tournaments to keep the fan base alive.

Not just that, it would give options to players who have always wanted to try out participating in tournaments through the comfort of their own homes.

A dedicated tournament system within the console could open up potential doors for other brands and consoles to follow suit, which would give more power to developers and gamers who would want to host tournaments at any given time.

Games like the upcoming team-based “Battlefield 2042” could benefit from this tournament theme, which would only grow to massive proportions as more and more games would come into the PlayStation Store. 

Future of eSports?

As everyone is staying comfortably at home, eSports tournaments might be a possibility using this platform as well.

The hope for many is that the system would not only support basic tournaments, but also involve larger professional teams. Another would be a winner and losers’ brackets to have a more diverse type of tournament than a simple linear one. 

Developers could benefit from the online PS5 gaming tournament system by interacting and fostering their relationships within the community.

But before people get ahead of themselves, it is still currently a patent and has only recently been filed at that.

No matter how fans speculate, for now, we only have to wait for everything to be official and hopefully released anytime soon.

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