May 29, 2023

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PS5 restock – live: Latest UK stock news from Very, Littlewoods, Game and more

We’ve got all the intel on the next stock drops (The Independent) Update: The PS5...

We’ve got all the intel on the next stock drops

(The Independent)

Update: The PS5 is now in stock at Game and the BT Shop for BT Broadband customers after selling out at Very and Littlewoods. It could drop at Amazon tomorrow. Read on for more information.

2022 looks to be one of the most promising years for PS5 gamers, with upcoming titles such as Elden RingSifuHorizon: Forbidden WestGran Turismo 7 and maybe even the PS5 VR2 coming in the next few months. But customers are still struggling to get their hands on the console itself due to an ongoing shortage.

Sony’s Playstation 5 was released in November 2020 and even over a year after its release, demand is still high. While January has been one of the slowest months for restocks, we saw plenty of drops take place in December during the lead-up to Christmas from retailers including  CurrysPlayStation DirectGameBT and AO.

Our liveblog is here to get you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide you with the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new console. If you want to find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, then keep scrolling to receive updates as they happen.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


That’s all folks!

All righty, we’re signing off for the evening, but we hope we’ve helped you get a PS5 today. It’s been a busy one. We finally had those long-awaited drops from Game and Very, with a drop from sister retailer Littlewoods to boot. And of course, BT is still in stock.

If you still haven’t picked up a PS5, then there are still a few bundles left at Game. If you’re desperately seeking a standalone console, however, then we could be seeing a drop at Amazon tomorrow. Join us back here in the morning for more stock tracking action. G’night.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 17:04


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Alex Lee18 January 2022 16:30


PS5 backwards compatibility

If you’re sitting there right now, staring at your stack of PS4 games, wondering whether they will play on your new PS5. Don’t worry, they certainly will!

If you’ve got the disc edition console, all that blood, sweat and tears finishing those campaigns won’t have gone to waste because you will be able to insert your PS4 discs and play them on the PS5 just fine. Only PS4 games bought on the PlayStation Store will work on the digital edition console, however. Why? Well, because you’ll be trying to slot a disc into a non-existent hole and that’s not a great idea.

Most of the PS4 games have had generous price cuts since the PS5 came out, so it’s worth reading our round-up of the best PS4 games to shop now.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 15:52


Best PS5 headset


Needing some accessories now that you’ve got a PS5 on the way? Check out Sony’s Playstation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset (£84.99,, which landed a spot in our review of the best PS5 accessories.

Our tester said: “There’s no shortage of gaming headset options out there but the PlayStation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset is a little bit special. Made with certain PlayStation 5 games in mind, its 3D audio means you can feel fully immersed in the experience, feeling like things are truly happening all around you. “It’s a distinctive way of doing things that stands out more so than conventional headsets, even if not all games fully take advantage of it just yet. It can help you gain an advantage in certain titles too, which is always useful.

“It uses a wireless adapter to connect to your console rather than Bluetooth which is a minor irritant, and you’ll need to remember to recharge it, but it sounds fantastic and it’s comfy to wear even after a number of hours of playing.”

Alex Lee18 January 2022 15:02


PS5 games coming soon

Managed to pick up a PS5 at one of the drops this morning? It’s never been a better time to secure one, with loads of new upcoming releases on the horizon. Here are the ones we’re most excited about in January and February:

Can’t wait until then? Why not take a look at our round-up of the best PS5 games already out below.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 14:12


‘Elden Ring’: Release date and how to pre-order

Elden Ring is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2022 and we can’t wait to get our hands on the game.

The action RPG was developed in collaboration with George R.R. Martin and from the early looks of the game, it promises to be just as demanding as previous FromSoftware titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

Elden Ring will be released on the PS5, as well as the Xbox series X, Xbox one, Playstation 4 and PC on 25 February. You can read more about it in our article below.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 13:22


Dualsense controller PS5

You get one dualsense controller out of the box, but we’d recommend getting another if you want to play with another person on the couch. Most of the bundles at Game and Very come with extra dualsense controllers.

“It has a comfortable ergonomic fit that moulds around your hands nicely, no matter what sized hands you have, and its buttons feel sleek and high-end,” our writer said in their round-up of the best PS5 accessories. “Besides looking and feeling good, it also has some useful features such as haptic feedback, which is a form of far superior vibration, and a set of trigger buttons that are much more responsive and tactile than previous PlayStation controllers.”

Sony recently released the dualsense controller in a range of new bright colours, including purple, pink and blue.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 12:32


Where can you buy the PS5 right now?

Here’s your afternoon round-up of all the places where you can buy the PS5 right now. The cheapest place you can buy the PS5 is at Very, who is currently selling a disc edition console with a copy of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for £509.98 (

Alex Lee18 January 2022 12:20


PS5 disc vs digital


Sony sells two versions of the PS5. These are known as the disc edition and the digital edition. They have the same performance, design and technical specifications, but the digital edition does not have a disc drive. This means games can only be played by downloading them, and obviously there’s no way to play DVDs or Blu-ray movies.

The digital edition is also cheaper, at £359.99 compared to £449.99 for the disc edition.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 11:42


On the hunt for an Xbox series X?

If you’re searching for the Xbox series X, then we’ve got some excellent news for you. Microsoft’s next-gen console is currently in stock at several stores, including Asda, EE and Very right now.

Want to find out how to buy it? Head over to our Xbox series X restock liveblog for all the latest information. We’ll be rounding up all the drops, latest news and our own restock predictions. See you on the other side.

Alex Lee18 January 2022 11:12

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