February 6, 2023

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Norton installs an Ethereum crypto miner with its 360 security suite

Norton is facing criticism for including a cryptocurrency mining program with its 360 security suite. Though Norton has been upfront about its plan to include the software, the move has generated a lot of backlash. Norton claims the miner is secure and reliable but the move raises concerns about the mechanics and ethics behind it.

Norton Crypto is turned off by default, but many users aren’t happy having it installed at all for various reasons including possible security concerns, suspicions, an aversion to crypto or environmental concerns among others. There’s also worries that the miner cannot be easily uninstalled. Could a malware app hijack the software and point it to a hacker’s wallet? If it happens to Norton—a security suite provider—then anything is possible.

Norton Crypto

(Image credit: NortonLifeLock (via Business Wire))

The program mines Ethereum to a pool made up of other Norton users. The rose-colored glasses view is that it makes it easy for non crypto savvy users to take their first steps into the crypto ecosystem via easy to use software that’s provided by a trusted software developer. Given the proliferation of shady crypto malware, that’s an understandable and some would say, positive development.

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