February 9, 2023

Tor Go Devil

No game no life

Lawyer demands Activision Blizzard victim compensation fund ‘in excess of $100M’

A lawyer representing an Activision Blizzard employee with firsthand experience of sexual misconduct at the company said during a press conference today that the $18 million settlement the company reached with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in October is “woefully inadequate,” and called for the creation of a fund in excess of $100 million to compensate victims of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Attorney Lisa Bloom held the press conference in front of Blizzard headquarters today, accompanied by an Activision Blizzard employee named Christine who recited a distressing series of abuses she’s experienced first-hand during four years at the company including rude comments about her body, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate touching, “alcohol-infused team events,” and invitations for casual sex with her supervisors. 

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