June 9, 2023

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Judge writes to PM for banning online games– Free Fire and PUBG India | India News

NEW DELHI: Pointing out the negative impact of online games to which many children are...

NEW DELHI: Pointing out the negative impact of online games to which many children are getting increasingly addicted to, an Additional District Judge has sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interference in banning them in the country.
ADJ Naresh Kumar Laka, himself a father of two kids, has written to the Prime Minister requesting him to ban two online games–Free Fire and PUBG India on the line of government earlier decision to ban PUBG Mobile
“The citizen of the country appreciated your action in banning the notorious game i.e. PUBG Mobile (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) which caused devastating adverse effects on the development of children. But recently two similar Games, namely, Free Fire (Garena Free Fire – Rampage) and PUBG India (Battle Grounds Mobile India) which are easily available on Google Play, are also causing adverse impact on the children like the previous PUBG,” the ADJ said in his letter to the PM.
Laka said that the children now-a-days spend long hours in playing such games and they are increasingly being addicted to such games which disturbs their routine life and it also affects their family and social behaviour with less interaction with their siblings or other family members. He said that some law should be framed to restrict exposure of children to online games.
“It is a well known fact that children are the assets of the Nation but said games are making our children as machines who are losing human feelings. An argument is generally presented by the owners of such Games App that it is the choice of the parent or the children to choose or select or delete anything from the internet {in this free world} but in the present scenario, this right of freedom is bringing forth imbalance in true development of children, who are now losing patience and inculcating aggressive and negative attitude,” he said.
“The right to freedom does not imply ‘absolute freedom’ but it needs to be restricted whenever it causes any disturbance or disharmony in the society. In China, laws have been passed restricting the use of video games to the children upto 18 years of age to a maximum of 90 minutes a day till 10 pm (on holiday upto 3 hours). In order to bring the children of the Nation into the mainstream of society and for their rightful development, it is requested to your goodself to ban said games (including the aforesaid two games) and to make law regulating the playing of video games by children,” the letter said.

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