March 30, 2023

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Destiny 2 video shows what you’ll be up to during Season of the Splicer

Bungie has announced Season of the Splicer, the newest season in Destiny 2.

In Season of the Splicer, Destiny 2 players will return to the Vault of Glass raid from the original Destiny, hack the Vex Network in the new six-player seasonal Override activity, earn new gear, and more.

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During Season of the Splicer, you will hack the Vex simulation in the six-player matchmade activity Override. Additionally, you can also run the weekly pinnacle mission Expunge, where you will try to collapse the Vex Network from the inside.

On May 22, you will once again be able to infiltrate the Vault of Glass raid. Bungie said to expect quality-of-life changes introduced to make Vault of Glass “feel more in line with player’s expectations today,” as well as new challenges and triumphs and some “old favorites” waiting to be earned.

Free for all players, Armor Synthesis brings transmog to Destiny. This is done by creating a Universal Ornament from any piece of armor in your possession.

Season Pass owners will also get immediate access to the Exotic Stasis Sidearm Cryosthesia 77K, Season-specific Universal Ornaments, XP boosts that will speed up Seasonal rank gains and unlocks along their reward track, and more.

Season of the Splicer will run May 11 – August 24.

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