February 9, 2023

Tor Go Devil

No game no life

Atari wants to make ‘premium’ PC games again

Atari will move away from mobile and free-to-play games in favour of “a strong pipeline of premium games” for PC and consoles, the company announced today. A swathe of its current mobile offerings, including Atari Combat: Tank Fury and Ninja Fury, will be discontinued or sold, while “successful games with a loyal user base” will be allowed to stick around.

The first games following this model are already in development, according to Atari’s statement, and will release during the current financial year ending April 2022. No word on what they might be, but Atari “intends to leverage its catalog of 200 proprietary games,” so they’ll probably be familiar. Meanwhile, the company will exit its Atari Casino business in Africa, which specialises in gambling titles. It will also scale down its TV interests.

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