June 7, 2023

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Announcing the Cinematic Adventure Game Trek to Yomi

Believe it or not, we love old Japanese samurai movies. Those black and white cinematic...

Believe it or not, we love old Japanese samurai movies. Those black and white cinematic masterpieces are still absolutely breathtaking, even today. The landscapes, the fight scenes, and of course the stories themselves – there’s nothing else like them. So, when we decided that our latest project would be inspired by those iconic films, we couldn’t help but to get giddy inside.

We’re proud to present to you what we’ve been working on for months, Trek to Yomi. We hope you’re as excited to see it as we are to show you!

Trek to Yomi

In Trek to Yomi, you are a young warrior named Hiroki. Before your dying master passed away, you made him a promise – to protect the town and the people you love against all threats. Unfortunately, fate had another plan, and tragedy struck your village. Bound to the promise you made, you will go on a voyage beyond life and death to confront those that did you wrong as well as yourself. The road laid out before you can take many turns – will you choose to honor your vows or follow the path of revenge?

Trek to Yomi

We wanted to recreate the atmosphere of 19th century Japan in every step you’ll take and place you’ll visit. Trek to Yomi takes place in the 1850s, during the Edo dynasty. All the dialogue that you will hear is voiced in the Japanese language from that time. We have a historical consultant on board that specialises in 18th century Japanese language, and they helped us bring the Edo period to life in the most faithful way possible.

Trek to Yomi

Combat is a big part of Trek to Yomi and we placed extra emphasis on how the characters move and react in order to make the experience feel authentic. You will learn to wield the traditional samurai katana with deadly dexterity, among other historic weaponry such as the ranged bow, ozutsu and bo-shurikens. Thanks to our combat-actors, combat is as graceful as the surroundings themselves. We have also enlisted the amazing team at Emperia Sounds (Resident Evil, Devil May Cry) who are working with a musical director & historian that has samurai heritage from the 12th century. The team is ensuring that our soundtrack has authenticity in its sound, further immersing players in feudal Japan.

Trek to Yomi

We hope that what you saw intrigued you. We will be revealing more about Trek to Yomi over the coming months, so stay tuned! We can’t wait to bring the game to players around the world and thank you for spending some time with us.

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